Florida is home to clear, cool waters and sandy, luxurious beaches — the ultimate relaxing getaway. If the allure of the sand and surf has you packing your bags and booking a ticket, make sure you have all of Florida’s best state park beaches and must-see island getaways on your list. You’re sure to find the blissful relaxation you’ve been looking for.

You might spend your days wandering through the southern islands of Florida, finding the best spot to enjoy the sunset. Maybe you’ll cuddle beside a loved one to watch the sunrise over the water. Or perhaps you’ll embark on a sandy adventure at one of these gorgeous Florida beaches.


Florida state park beaches exemplify the powdery white sands and clear waters that the coast of Florida is known for. The parks span over 100 miles and are the backdrop of some of the best coastal properties in the state. These beaches are protected to help the ecosystem, and they act as fish nurseries and lessen the effects of storm surges. Each beach has its character and charm, with stunning views into the watery depths and the expansive ocean horizon.

Take a look at our two favorite state park beaches: Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park and Lovers Key State Park.

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

Delnor- Wiggins Pass State Park is located on a small barrier island just southwest of Naples. Named for Joe Wiggins, who ran a trading post in the area, this Florida state park opened in 1976. Visiting this beach and its unique views will certainly take your breath away!

Sands come in many colors on the Wiggins Pass beach, even black! The quartz crystals that make up the sand are washed down from the Appalachian Mountains to the shore, where visitors can admire the fine array of sparkling sands. Fossils of black and brown combine with the quartz to make the sands unusually dark. Shell fragments give the sand orange and brown hues, making the beach a genuinely colorful place.

Spend the day sunbathing on the beautiful sands, fishing on the piers, snorkeling, or even scuba diving. Boat ramps, concessions, and picnic areas are available for use, and beaches in the state park are open from sunrise to sunset so that visitors can make the most of their day!

Lovers Key State Park

Looking for a more romantic place to visit with your loved one? Lovers Key State Park boasts surf, sands, and mangrove forests, and it takes extra care to preserve the area for future generations to enjoy. Canals and lagoons beckon to be explored during an afternoon hike, and the turquoise waters glisten from the beach edges.

Plan your visit to this pristine beach, where you can lounge under an umbrella, relax and listen to the sound of the gentle waves, or search the sands for treasures and keepsakes. Keep an eye on the clear, turquoise waters for bottlenose dolphins, West Indian manatees, and various beautiful birds.

If you love wildlife, try snorkeling to catch a glimpse of local fish, or swim out to meet the dolphins in their natural habitat. No matter what you choose to do, you are sure to enjoy the natural and protected sands of the small barrier islands.

State parks can be found all along the Florida coast to preserve the natural environment and wildlife that attracts so many visitors to the state. Snorkeling, diving, fishing, and hiking can give you a new insight into Florida's coastal wonders. If you think the parks are a wonder to see, venture out to the coastal islands, where each island has its own unique personality!


Florida's tiny islands are a sight to behold. They have clear waters and white sands, along with the quiet, serene atmosphere that comes with being off the mainland. 

Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island

Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island contains seven miles of white sand, clear blue water, and gentle slopes into the Gulf of Mexico. It has become a favorite stop for locals, vacationers, and those escaping cold climates.

Bring your favorite furry friend to the beach, and allow them to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells with you! There is so much to do that no family member should be left out of the fun. Enjoy fishing piers, water sports, restaurants, and art walks as you spend your relaxing day on the Fort Myers beach.

The Guillette Group will be here after you fall in love with the beach, the atmosphere, and the endless sands and water. They can help you find the best Estero luxury home to make your Florida vacation home or your new permanent residence! Many things will capture your heartstrings on Estero Island, making it the perfect place to call home.

Keewaydin Island

A small, traffic-free island lies between Naples and Marco Island with miles of soft white sands. The best way to get to Keewaydin Island is the Hemingway Water Shuttle. It runs seven times a day for year-round convenience.

Enjoy a sightseeing expedition to spot dolphins, explore the island, and go shelling! While the island has no amenities, you can get served food from the food boats, which is a fun experience in and of itself! Ice cream, brats, burgers, hotdogs, fries, nachos, sandwiches, and adult drinks are all sold on food boats. Pink Flamingo Ice Cream and Just Beachy Burger boats offer concessions between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. most days, but be sure to bring your own snacks and water to stay hydrated and full of energy!

Sanibel Island

Sanibel is a popular beach in Florida with a uniquely orientated east-west coastal line. The sands are packed with shells, giving the beach the edge for award-winning shell finds.

Go for the shelling experience and stay for the romantic atmosphere, fishing, and bird watching. Visit the marinas to watch the sailboats come and go, or relax and listen to the waves on the pristine white sands. Explore the island to find the hidden beaches with the best shells, visit the old pioneer cemetery, or watch the refuge's wildlife! Bike, kayak, and visit the restaurants for rustic lighthouse décor and pancakes! Don't miss the lighthouse on the island's east end; it was built in 1884 and boasts impressive views and historical artifacts!

Want an adventure to spice up your beach exploration? Visit Bowman's Beach on the western end of the island to discover what an undeveloped beach looks like. You’ll find the allure of natural wildlife refreshing and inspiring. While you’re there, hike past the mangrove lagoons to watch the birds wading through the waters or picnic and play at the nearby facilities!

Marco Island

The most alluring beach in southwest Florida is Marco Island, the longest island of Florida's Ten Thousand Islands. This island getaway is family-friendly, with white sands and stunning waters that will dazzle during your stay.

You can check out the spectacular views from the golf courses, dine at local restaurants, or spend your day shelling on the beach. You might also find yourself sunbathing and birdwatching, wading in the waters, or enjoying hiking up and down the coast.

Tigertail Beach has everything you need for a family get-together. With picnic tables, a playground, restrooms close by, and food and drink concession stands, you won't want to leave all day. Visit the northern tip of the island to find sand dollars and other hidden treasures!

Madeira Beach is near the Marriott Vacation Club and is usually busier than Tigertail. Shelling, swimming, and water sports are enjoyed all season. While in the area, check out Quins on the Beach at the JW Marriot to watch the fire dancer work their magic every weeknight at sundown!


Whether you are waiting for a boat to the island, watching fire dancers spin their torches, or shelling for the perfect souvenir to bring home, Florida's Southern beaches are guaranteed to help you relax. Stay out and watch the horizon at sunset for the infamous green flash, the green light that sparks just as the sun goes down. The best way to see the green flash is to watch the sunset either on a beautiful west-facing beach or on the balcony of a hotel overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. It a once in a lifetime event you won't want to miss!

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